Cramming For an Exam & Some Thoughts On Investing

Ok I am now cramming for an exam again.  I need some inspiration here.  And so I am back here now to my go-to place for curing brain freeze caused by too many finance terms.  After 4 hours of studying how to properly model discounted cash flow and internal rate of return analyses in excel,  I believe I am entitled to take a break…

Cramming for an exam

All you WATF fans out there, I’m sure you all have your interpretations of what “Bury Me Alive” means.  But you know what I thought of when I first heard it?  My credit card.  Yes, my credit card.  Because sometimes I feel like it wants to bury me in debt while I’m still alive.

I used to have a tiny shopping problem.  When I get stressed or even depressed, buying a shiny little trinket usually picks me up.  So give me a credit card and that’s like Prozac.  But buying a little trinket every time I was stressed has resulted in a truckload of useless stuff in my cabinets.  Fortunately, my credit limit’s not that high so I wasn’t really buried in debt.  But every time a bank offers me a new credit card now, I say yes, but I cut it up so I don’t get to use it.   Having the additional credit lines are good for my credit standing so I don’t refuse.  But I have to stop myself somehow.  I don’t want to be stuck with useless debt and cabinets filled with stationeries and keychains and magnets.  WATF is like my financial adviser and they say, don’t be “too consumed by your own emptiness and lies.”

What I’m starting to do now is try to enjoy the simple things in life whenever I get stressed.  Like listening to music or taking a walk outdoors. Or making a blog post. It’s free. Unlike rushing to the store to buy something to comfort me in my distress (I now have an impossible stock of office supplies, markers and post-it notes because I used to do that).

There was this point in time that I realized I could have just saved all that money I “invested” in stationeries and trinkets and placed it in a mutual fund or a VUL account.  I’d actually have a decent amount stashed by now.  Oh well.  At least the realization came.  I’m now actually starting over again.  I’m still young anyway and I believe that by applying the principle of compounding to whatever money I can save I still have a chance to be all set by the time I’m old.

I don’t know, maybe I can turn this into a “Hidden Financial Insights from WATF Songs” club.  Because money applies to all of us.  Even gothic, heavy rock fans can do with some cash.  Since I’m studying finance and accounting right now, and doing my own research on how to get rich anyway, I think that would be a great idea.  Yeah, while WATF plays “Bury Me Alive” I’m thinking, I’m glad I’ve cut up that credit card and, oh I wonder how much interest will I get credited with this month?