We Are The Fallen Fans – Where It All Started

It all started one night after I watched We Are the Fallen perform on TV. I crashed into bed after that since I was also studying for an exam (I usually feel really sleepy when I know I’m supposed to be studying for an exam). But then, I had the deepest of slumbers and the sweetest of dreams.

In my dream I was running through a garden maze.

I was excited about something but I didn’t know what it was.  Then I saw the exit to the maze. I ran faster and faster and faster – like I wasn’t going to reach the end in time.  But I did and I was outside the maze.

Then in an instant, the garden turned into a sea of clouds.

And there, standing at the far end was this guy in a white tuxedo.  He looked at me with the most gorgeous eyes.  It was Marty O’Brien!  I looked him.  I looked at myself.  I looked at him again and then myself again.  Then I noticed, I was wearing a white, shimmering, Swarovski-studded bridal gown.  I realized then… Marty and I were getting married!!!!

From that day on, it was history.  I couldn’t get that dream off my mind.  All of a sudden, I was a diehard fan!! It’s crazy!


We are the fallen

It’s like last song syndrome but the song is a music video of him and me in a garden wedding in the clouds, with a really funky, romantic bass riff in our wedding song. So corny, I know.  But it really gives me inspiration as I go about my day to day.

I’m an accounting student and so life can get a bit cold and drab.  I sometimes get brain freeze studying all that US GAAP and federal taxation stuff.  But WATF and their music and Marty O’Brien’s hotness makes the pain go away. Haha.

Anyways this site is a tribute to the band We Are the Fallen.  I didn’t know their songs before, but now after listening to them so many times, I have realized they are so freaking meaningful.

Some bashers say they’re just a copycat of Evanescence but I beg to disagree.  They were the ones who made those very songs that defined the sound of Evanescence. They used to be in that band.  If they just change their music style now for the sake of “being different” and appeasing critics, then that will be like selling themselves out.  I think they’re just being true to themselves and creating the music that is basically what they are. They shouldn’t change themselves just to be different. Yeah it’s so ironic.  But well, whatever, it all sounds amazing anyways!!!




Cramming For an Exam & Some Thoughts On Investing

Ok I am now cramming for an exam again.  I need some inspiration here.  And so I am back here now to my go-to place for curing brain freeze caused by too many finance terms.  After 4 hours of studying how to properly model discounted cash flow and internal rate of return analyses in excel,  I believe I am entitled to take a break…

Cramming for an exam

All you WATF fans out there, I’m sure you all have your interpretations of what “Bury Me Alive” means.  But you know what I thought of when I first heard it?  My credit card.  Yes, my credit card.  Because sometimes I feel like it wants to bury me in debt while I’m still alive.

I used to have a tiny shopping problem.  When I get stressed or even depressed, buying a shiny little trinket usually picks me up.  So give me a credit card and that’s like Prozac.  But buying a little trinket every time I was stressed has resulted in a truckload of useless stuff in my cabinets.  Fortunately, my credit limit’s not that high so I wasn’t really buried in debt.  But every time a bank offers me a new credit card now, I say yes, but I cut it up so I don’t get to use it.   Having the additional credit lines are good for my credit standing so I don’t refuse.  But I have to stop myself somehow.  I don’t want to be stuck with useless debt and cabinets filled with stationeries and keychains and magnets.  WATF is like my financial adviser and they say, don’t be “too consumed by your own emptiness and lies.”

What I’m starting to do now is try to enjoy the simple things in life whenever I get stressed.  Like listening to music or taking a walk outdoors. Or making a blog post. It’s free. Unlike rushing to the store to buy something to comfort me in my distress (I now have an impossible stock of office supplies, markers and post-it notes because I used to do that).

There was this point in time that I realized I could have just saved all that money I “invested” in stationeries and trinkets and placed it in a mutual fund or a VUL account.  I’d actually have a decent amount stashed by now.  Oh well.  At least the realization came.  I’m now actually starting over again.  I’m still young anyway and I believe that by applying the principle of compounding to whatever money I can save I still have a chance to be all set by the time I’m old.

I don’t know, maybe I can turn this into a “Hidden Financial Insights from WATF Songs” club.  Because money applies to all of us.  Even gothic, heavy rock fans can do with some cash.  Since I’m studying finance and accounting right now, and doing my own research on how to get rich anyway, I think that would be a great idea.  Yeah, while WATF plays “Bury Me Alive” I’m thinking, I’m glad I’ve cut up that credit card and, oh I wonder how much interest will I get credited with this month?


A Beginner’s Guide In Investing In Mutual Funds

Just because you are new and it is your first time to engage in the world of investing and finance, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to handle investing your money in mutual funds. Anyone can do it, as long as you don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by the many technical terms that professionals are using in this industry.

mutual funds

In case you’re not aware, there are actually a lot of people investing in mutual funds, especially in the United States. According to statistics, there are about 10 million people who are doing it and the sad part is (not to mention dangerous) these people have no idea what they got themselves into. Another truth to this fact is that these investors are not even first timers anymore and they continually lose money every single year. I don’t want that to happen to you, which is why I wrote this article to be your guide in making your money grow, as you put it in mutual funds.

You can see an example which describes the specific benefits by checking out LOM’s mutual funds

First of all, you must know that dealing with mutual funds is perfect for first time investors or the average type who are willing to shell money in stocks and bonds. To simply put it, they are like this pre-planned investment deal handled by professionals in this field. These people’s job is to make the lives of investors easier, especially when it is their first time.

As a beginner in this business, you have to first open an account where you would place your money with directions on how much should you invest and to what kind of funds should your money go to. Let’s say you first started investing to a stock called Euro Channels where you placed an amount worth $20,000. This mean that eventually you have shares from that stock, which would also make you earn a little amount from a portfolio of stocks. You will determine that amount of shares you will soon own based on the amount of share price when your purchase order has already been processed.


As a first timer in investing in mutual funds, you must know that there three kinds of funds you could choose from. Here they are:


  1. Stock
  2. Bond
  3. Money Market


Getting yourself familiar with those three will certainly give you an edge in earning big in this venture, while taking minimal risk in the process. My tip here is that you go ahead and place your money in all those three if you really want to make money in mutual funds consistently.


Investing in bonds is also one of the best things you could do when dealing with mutual funds. The risks are high on that one, but once it hits its peak, the returns would be really high, so it’s worth the risk!


Don’t lose hope when you don’t get your expected return at first. The first time is always the hardest, but you will learn from it and would eventually know some strategies related to investing.