Emerging trends that are driving the future of the global job markets

Image source: pixabay.com

Digital technology has created a whole new way of life for everyone, transforming not just how people engage and socialize, but also changing how we work and make a living. And these transformations are evident in the recent trends that are dominating today’s global job markets.

Here are some of the most recent trends that are dramatically changing the direction of the international labor markets.

  1. The rise of the digital nomads

Freelancing and online working platforms are abundant in today’s gig economy where temporary, flexible and easily accessible jobs are available to anyone in the globe – as long as they have the tools, the skills, and other resources to get connected. Here, independent contractors and freelancers make up a huge percentage of the workers’ population, and this trend is not showing any sign of slowing down.

  1. Impacts of AI and automation

The roles of technological advancements more specifically artificial intelligence and automation will continue to have direct effects on employment opportunities in the future and beyond. The Fast Food and Retail Industries that house the biggest employers in the jobs market, for instance, have been slowly transitioning to automated ordering systems, warehouse order pickers, and even chatbots in place of human customer support.

  1. Job growth in non-tech industries

Technology is not only the main champion of job creation in 2018 and the rapid expansion of non-tech jobs such as healthcare and other traditionally non-tech sectors are still holding a place on the podium. This also includes job opportunities from industries that cannot easily be controlled by automation such as trucking, hospitality, healthcare, to name a few.

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