The top trends that are taking the graphic design industry by storm

The only constant thing in the world of design is change—and anyone who is not able to keep up with the dynamic nature of this rapidly evolving industry should either give up or be up for the challenge.

However, any veteran artist or designer will agree that it takes more than practice and creativity to dominate the game. It’s important that one is resilient and have a flexible artistic vision in order to not only see what’s ahead but also to be able to be one with the change. After all, they are part of the business that is adding billions of dollars to the tech industry every year. Here are the top trends that you should know:


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  1. Minimalism

The art movement that rose in early part of the 20th century is the birthplace of Minimalism in the graphic design industry, focusing on both simplicity and functionality. Recent logo redesigns for instance can be observed following a minimalist trend and it is noticeable in big companies like Apple and Google.


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  1. Hand-drawn Illustrations 

This trend’s charm doesn’t just lie on the more personal approach in design but also in the stylish linear and geometric patterns that represent both uniqueness and creativity. Hand-drawn illustrations can be useful in presenting complex instructions through less-intimidating and reader-friendly images.


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  1. Modern-Retro

Nostalgia has been an appealing tool in both the marketing and advertising industries. Likewise, this is the heart of the modern-retro trend that has been marking its territory in the design world. Aside from its care-free language, the innocence and candor portrayed in the less complicated colors represent style and authenticity.