We Are The Fallen Fans – Where It All Started

It all started one night after I watched We Are the Fallen perform on TV. I crashed into bed after that since I was also studying for an exam (I usually feel really sleepy when I know I’m supposed to be studying for an exam). But then, I had the deepest of slumbers and the sweetest of dreams.

In my dream I was running through a garden maze.

I was excited about something but I didn’t know what it was.  Then I saw the exit to the maze. I ran faster and faster and faster – like I wasn’t going to reach the end in time.  But I did and I was outside the maze.

Then in an instant, the garden turned into a sea of clouds.

And there, standing at the far end was this guy in a white tuxedo.  He looked at me with the most gorgeous eyes.  It was Marty O’Brien!  I looked him.  I looked at myself.  I looked at him again and then myself again.  Then I noticed, I was wearing a white, shimmering, Swarovski-studded bridal gown.  I realized then… Marty and I were getting married!!!!

From that day on, it was history.  I couldn’t get that dream off my mind.  All of a sudden, I was a diehard fan!! It’s crazy!


We are the fallen

It’s like last song syndrome but the song is a music video of him and me in a garden wedding in the clouds, with a really funky, romantic bass riff in our wedding song. So corny, I know.  But it really gives me inspiration as I go about my day to day.

I’m an accounting student and so life can get a bit cold and drab.  I sometimes get brain freeze studying all that US GAAP and federal taxation stuff.  But WATF and their music and Marty O’Brien’s hotness makes the pain go away. Haha.

Anyways this site is a tribute to the band We Are the Fallen.  I didn’t know their songs before, but now after listening to them so many times, I have realized they are so freaking meaningful.

Some bashers say they’re just a copycat of Evanescence but I beg to disagree.  They were the ones who made those very songs that defined the sound of Evanescence. They used to be in that band.  If they just change their music style now for the sake of “being different” and appeasing critics, then that will be like selling themselves out.  I think they’re just being true to themselves and creating the music that is basically what they are. They shouldn’t change themselves just to be different. Yeah it’s so ironic.  But well, whatever, it all sounds amazing anyways!!!